...working together to develop a bloodline of healthy dogs with excellent temperaments.
Portuguese Water Dogs are working dogs!  Even as a six week old
puppy, Planalto Arizona Bronco knew how to be gentle when visiting
with friends.  She has an early start as a Therapy dog!  (The ladies at
the assisted living home insisted her name was "Angel")
This lovely breed was born in the Algarve area along the coast of
Portugal.  Valued as a helper of fishermen, these dogs were treated as
members of the crew, receiving their portion of the catch for dinner.

Today the Portuguese Water Dog continues to work- as a friend and
companion, and as a partner in the agility ring and in the water trial. .
Portuguese Water Dogs are gregarious
creatures and, when properly socialized,
love attention ...and expect it as a right!  
Care needs to be taken until the pups have
all their shots, but fortunately, I have an
understanding church that lets my pups
visit!  They give thepups a lot of attention,
then ignore them when the Bible Study
begins. When Pastor Mike starts speaking,
the pups fall fast asleep!
Planalto, Highbid, & Sapphire
Portuguese Water Dogs
...located in the high desert grassland and forest of Flagstaff,
Arizona, and the desert of Mesa, AZ
Planalto Litter "B"
pups socializing with
Pastor Mike
Last update:
May 17, 2014


Litter due June
14, 2014

Note: May 17, 2014- I just
added a new scam to my
Bad Breeder page.

Our puppy questionnaire
suddenly stopped working
properly, so I am posting a
text version that you can
copy and send to us.  If you
have a problem with this,
call me- my Verizon number
is 928-607-1836.
HERE for the questionnaire.

Planalto PWDs bred Dolce
April 16-17, 2014 to Percy
and the litter is due June
CLICK HERE to see Percy  
and Dolce's photos and
information about this litter.

If you are interested in one
of our pups, please fill out a